Companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations are in a unique position to support the communities in which they do business. How to best support one's community and also one's brand can be a complex challenge for business leaders and owners. High-Wired Communities works with companies to find synergy in their corporate mission and vision for social responsibility by developing purposeful and sincere relationships with relevant community programs.

  • How do I find community programs and causes that are a good match for our company, brand, and employees?
  • How can we offer in-kind services and resources of our company, beyond monetary support for a cause?
  • How can we make social initiatives more integral to our daily business in a way that positively impacts our brand?

  • A systematic and ethnographic evaluation of your current brand, target audiences, and value to your customers uncovers opportunities that align with your brand, your customers, and your community.
  • Community partners are identified and High-Wired facilitates the building of relationships based on trust and a shared vision for the community.
  • Ongoing advising, evaluation, and follow-up ensure a positive experience for both the brand and the community.