Are you leading a community-wide initiative in your city or campus? High-Wired Communities will help you develop a strategic plan to find members of your target audience, build relationships with key partners and supporters, and foster a sense of community and collaboration, in order to create opportunities for success.

  • How do I find, evaluate, and engage the many individuals & groups that make up my community?
  • How can I facilitate connections and awareness among the members of my community?
  • How can I get support from key community members to launch a collaborative initiative and build a movement?

  • Hands-on strategies and community-based research methods provide you with the tools and confidence to discover, understand, and more effectively reach the members of your community.
  • A combined online + real-world approach enhances your ability to discover and engage a wide range of individuals & groups.
  • High-Wired has developed a 7-stage Community Discovery Framework to guide you in building sustainable community-based partnerships and synergy in your community-wide vision and goals.